Best Credit Repair Outsourcing Companies


Our credit repair outsourcing service includes a private labeled portal for your affiliates and clients to track their progress through the program.You can promote your sub-affiliates / referral partners by displaying their contact and company information.

Credit repair software and Credit repair outsourcing services.
Have you wanted to start your own credit repair service, or add credit repair services to your existing marketing strategy, but do not want to be bogged down sitting behind a desk having to process all of those files? We can help! We can provide you with a complete Credit Repair CRM to manage your credit repair business and provide all of the back end processing of your clients. All you need to do is get clients enrolled in your program and we will do the rest! Fill out the contact form for more information. Credit repair services can easily add an additional $30k to $200k in revenue a year to your bottom line.

What is Dispute Outsourcing?
Dispute Outsourcing is trusting a trusted partner with handling the credit repair dispute process. Expert Credit Systems is the leader in creating and delivering custom dispute letters on your behalf. Our years of experience has earned us the place of the go-to resource for hundreds of credit repair companies across the nation.
Our dispute processing will free up your time so you can focus on growing your company. Whether you are getting started or need an option for overflow, we can help. The ECS Team has operated dispute outsourcing centers for years. We guarantee great, consistent results based on our year
Is Outsourcing Right for You?
Trusting your credit repair processing isn’t right for everybody. Clients of Expert Credit Systems focus their business on networking, marketing, and sales and leave the dispute process for us. This is beneficial for those who are looking to maximize their personal time to focus on business development and growth. They have found that having a trusted partner handle their disputes is the right fit for their business.